“Loneliness is the killer”

If you’re recently made single, or have gone through divorce or are older and cut-off from your friends you may find yourself lonely at times.

Loneliness eats away at you, it gnaws at your psyche, it can almost be palapable. It aches, it pains, it makes you vunerable.

So what is the solution? Time is a healer to use a cliche. Patience. Suffering passes. You’ll find a recovery path, you will redeem yourself and emerge.

This time is a bit akin to the #metamorphosis a catepillar goes through into becoming a butterly. You have to have a certain #faith and accept and embrace the unknown.

If you’re an older person you may be widowed and the pain of that lasts. You committed your life to someone. You have memories whilst you still have your health. I’d say hold on to those memories but when you’re ready to reach out to others. You can easily isolate yourself during this time – and during this time it is a kind of #grief.

Friends in your life, relationships, work and all these things are transient. Impermance is the only constant.

Whilst on your journey – there are opportunities to get involved in your local community and beyond. Attempt to #engage. If you feel, these groups are not to your taste then of course you could always start your own, or look further afield.

As a #Time to #Change champion the role of social contact is paramount and I recommend getting out there when you can if you can, and if you can’t or are less able then you could join an online group or engage in your hobby. When your engaged in a hobby, time takes on a new meaning and you find a #flow state and a hobby or interest takes on a therapeutic quality.

Loneliness is an absence of love, and the last thing you can do is look for love in all the wrong places in trying to find #wholeness.