#Green campaigner fights for clean water at HS2 site in the Colne Valley, south Harefield.

Green campaigner Sarah Green explains what HS2 is doing at Harvil Road in Harefield, New Year’s Green Bourne river within the Colne Valley region of northwest Middlesex and nearby Bucks where HS2 propose to drive several hundred piles into the chalk aquifer that supplies 22% of London northwest’s drinking water.

Sarah stands accused of alleged aggravated trespass and breaking the Highways injunction for demanding legal documentation that our drinking water will be safe from a nearby known pollution area at the site of HS2’s activities.

£55 million has been earmarked for mitigation against water loss however it will not be local water and will not be of equitable quality says Sarah.

Her case is being heard on April 1st 2019 at Uxbridge Magistrates court. Please support her Crowd Justice campaign here.

#300 acres of ecologically diverse habit being taken by High Speed rail in Hillingdon