#Save our drinking water and our wetland! Think local, act global.

#Vital Wetlands are under threat in one of London’s oldest villages

You probably saw the Channel 4 Dispatches programme by Liam Halligan into HS2 and how much it is costing and overrunning the government – and us as taxpayers!

We, locally are affected by this and it’s time to #WAKEUP! As a resident of northwest Middlesex, HS2 impacts many of our local areas and some of which you may be surprised are quite close to home.

Works are on-going in Ruislip; by West Ruislip station – the Fairway Golf Club, as well as precious areas of the Colne Valley, River Colne and the area of land around Moorhall Road, the Grand Union canal as well as south-easterly over in Harefield, Harvil Road. More work will soon start in Eastcote. Nearly all this work will involve long term road closures, much HGV traffic, noise, pollution and disruption.

The Harvil Road site has a major stake in the HS2 project. There are a
number of sites along Harvil Road used by HS2. It has heavy, visible and what I would describe at times as intimidating looking security staff.

Right here, at this place in London, we are about to witness the wiping
out of 3 nature reserves, a site of scientific and special interest, and
the last remnant of wet woodland (highly protected in UK/European law) in London; 370 acres of woodland in total, 60 acres of wetland, all home to an amazing 2400 species (12 species of bat, otter, water vole, eels, glow worms, barn owls, tawny owls, kestrel, hobby, even osprey!). We are about to witness the desecration of the natural aquifer that freely cleans and provides 22% of London’s drinking water. We are about to witness the crumbling of the last village in London.

Green Party campaigner Sarah Green has made a stand for us all at the
Harvil Road site to protect our drinking water against the HS2

HS2 contractors plan to pile drive into the Chalk Aquifer in Hillingdon
in multiple places, one of which is New Year’s Green Bourne, off Harvil
Rd, Harefield, which is a known pollution pathway from a contaminated

Without adequate protections this will contaminate the water which
supplies 22% of London’s drinking water, negatively impact on the
natural filter of the chalk aquifer and reduce the volume of water.

Pollution is already so high in this area, Ickenham pumping station had to be permanently closed as a public water supply. Affinity Water warned HS2 in 2014, in their petition to the Houses of Parliament, that planned activities could entirely jeopardise public drinking water in our area.

Nature protectors, Sarah Green and Lora Hughes, stand accused of obstructing this ‘legal’ work. They challenge the charge on the grounds
that the planned work is not legal. HS2 have failed to demonstrate that
they have any protective provisions in place which they are required to do by law.

Already, lack of planning that is a direct product of the hybrid bill process is throwing up mistakes after mistake and vast unforeseen costs. Our environment is being experimented on aimlessly by people who have never set foot here.

Locals are losing their homes, losing businesses, being bankrupted and suffering immeasurable stress for a project being driven by the most blunder-ridden minister ever seen in British Government.

This is all happening in Hillingdon; we need to step up to safeguard our
green environment as places of special interest for ourselves, our
families, and future generations.

Your support is urgently needed. Join the call for environmental
protection laws to be enforced for our Public Water Supplies by the
courts, Local Authorities and the Police.

Drop-in to visit the Harvil Road camp, you’ll be made very welcome for a chat and a cuppa. The camp is on Harvil Rd, near the Harefield Dog’s Trust. Easiest by public transport, U9 (15 min journey every 20 min most of day) from Uxbridge tube.

HS2 is government taking on the mantle of corporation, HS2 is a
complete dismantling of democracy and all the protections that should
afford us, and HS2’s hopeless lack of planning and forethought can only carry a narrative of blunder after blunder and utter desecration of so much that we all hold dear, and all for so little if any gain at all

Mark Keir, Hillingdon Green Party

To donate to this campaign click here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2301363669895914&id=100000669103758&sfnsn=mo

For more information about HS2 visit https://www.hs2.org.uk/

HS2 Ltd Already Breaking Their Promises – Woodland Trust