The Myth of the Addictive Personality?

You may have heard the concept of an addictive personality.
In my experience – I don’t think it exists. To pin responsibility of
your behaviour down to an addictive personality is a quasi-fallacy in my opinion.

I think there are individuals who have a spectrum of attitudes towards risk.
At either end of the scale is risk averse through to risk-taking. Personally,
I am towards a risk-taking end of the spectrum but then I’m enthusiastic about individuals who seek to create autonomy, freedom and an enterprise for themselves and I feel an affinity for those individuals as like-minded.

However, I will say that an attitude to risk opens the pool of opportunities towards mis-use combined with influences from those opportunities. Once you find a substance and it contains certain chemicals – it could be sugar or nicotine, it may become compulsive. Alcohol is known to be bi-phasic. After a certain dose it is a depressant, and the nullifying effects are rewarding and habit forming.

If you’re wanting to overcome an “addictive personality” then probably, in my opinion, I would support the abstince approach as advocated by Russell Brand – although he was talking in the context of drug-use. As we know substitutes or alternatives ease the pain of withdrawal however this can create a sub-dependency. I’d favour a clean break – however easier said than done.