Promoting #positive #behaviours

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From an anthropological point view group behaviours are reinforcing. We seek cues from individuals and groups. There is a need to be accepted by a group or tribe and may have its roots in survival passed down from our ancestors. To be ostracised is to die.

If we are to promote cohesion then individuals or leaders need to exmplify positive behaviours which are then examples to others of how to behave and form part of a social contract of trust. I trust you and you trust me.

There is some truism in that imitation is the highest form of flattery. With the widespread adoption of the internet and technolgy, adopting norms, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs can occur rapidly and explosively. Just pause to reflect on the transit of memes across the web and devices. The ever increasing shoccante emotionally charged news agenda – the incessant chasing of audience figures, ratings, positive net-promoter scores, customer satisfaction, credibility and word-of-mouth recommendations against widespread fragmentation of media and tribes.

This shoccante value is the new normal however accommodation for these metrics needs to be made in order for outputs to be evaluated or we’ll all be out of a job – however I would argue the responsibility of that the transmitter needs to be taken into consideration.

Shoccante, coercive messaging is not a valid strategy in my opinion even though it may be effective but calls for discernment in an era of post-truth misinformation.